Wow! My weekend was very busy but extremely fun! 

When I had a sleepover with Little Miss Sun Shine, and Courtney Cash we had a blast! That day they had just gotten MineCraft on there iPods and they were so addicted that that is what they did every spare moment that they had. We also played Little Big Planet for a while though. We went in the hot tub and reenacted some famous parts in the movie Titanic. It was so fun! 

Then on Sunday night I went on ANOTHER sleepover to Cookie Monsters house, and we watched the Billboard Music Awards. My favourite performance was Bruno Mars performing Treasure. 

When I went to the Cloverdale Rodeo with Juliette we went on so many rides! Like me I had a total blast going on every single on even if Juliette did not want to. But on of the best parts was the snow cone. Mmmmm the best one ever. Mine was flavoured Wild Cherry, Blue Raspberry, and Lime. However once mine melted I drank it and it hit the spot. 

I had the best weekend ever! I love all my friends so much! <3

Sleepever Time! 

This weekend I am having two sleepovers and going to the Cloverdale Rodeo! Yesterday night I had a sleepover with my best friend Juliette from div.4! We had so much fun eating chips and drinking pop! We played a game called Blot on my laptop and she was laughing when I got a C+, but it was hilarious when she got a F+! But within 5 minutes of coming in contact of a bed she was asleep! Awesome sleepover! 

Tonight I'm having a sleepover with Little Miss Sun Shine, and Courtney Cash! We are going to go in her hot tub and having a great time! I don't know what else we are doing but I will keep posting.

On Monday Im going to the Rodeo with Juliette and it is going to be so cool! I haven't goon to the rodeo in so long. Im looking forward to my weekend! 

Keep you updated 
  Why would Molly's friends friends turn on her and eventually bully her? I think that Molly's friends did that because they didn't want to be known as the friend of the blind kid. They didn't want to have to help her get around or be nice because then the same thing could have happened to them and then they would have become the kids being bullied. Or maybe the turned on her and bullied her because they didn't want to be friends anymore and with everything else going on in her life they thought that she wouldn't care and that everybody else would give her sympathy. 
Should Molly's mom have told the school about the incident in the forest? I think that it was the right choice not to because then if Molly went back to that school then she could have been bullied even more because she was getting special treatment from the principle.  

Today Tara talked with all the grade.6's, and 7's about human trafficking. This was not the first time that I have heard about human trafficking but it was definitely the first time I actually fully understand everything about it! When I first sat down I was unaware of what I could do to help. I was unaware of serious issues that need to be stopped in Canada, and everywhere else in the world. Hearing about human trafficking will forever change my perspective on how I answer a question like: "Are you looking forward to school?" and "If you could do one thing to change the world what would it be?"  Tara Teng is a 25-year-old woman who wants to make a difference in the world. Here is here website She first heard of human trafficking when she was a student my age! Ever since then she has been appalled at the fact that more then 27 million people are slaves in the whole entire world! That's almost all of Canada's population! Can you believe that all those people are slaves? Doesn't that make you want to just shout "ENOUGH"? How many innocent people is it going to take before we all can stop these monstrosities that are continuously going to get worse until people like you and me do something? I learned that human trafficking is different then child labour because in child labour you can still get paid and it could be your choice to work, however in the trafficking of humans, numerous men, woman, and even children are being abducted and sold for money like 4 dollars and less. Can you believe that a simple chicken at a store could be sold for more money then a human’s life or their childhood? Over all more kids then adults are abducted and trafficked because they are more vulnerable and more likely to cooperate and listen. The victims of human trafficking are used for forced labour and sexual exploitation. The worst of all is that sick, sick people pay their money to buy and use people. Sometimes only for one "use". Kids at young ages like 12-14 are taken away from there loved ones and used like an animal. They are raped and stripped naked just for the humor, and satisfaction of another fellow human being! Can you imagine that being your life? No way to ever stop? Not going to school, not seeing your family? This thought makes me sick! How could people be so inconsiderate of other people? Some kids are as young as 18 months old!!! What I can say is that I am a concerned citizen that wont stand for people all over the world people even in Canada to ever be apart of this sick thing. I am going to do what I can to help. After you read this I hope I have motivated you to learn more about human trafficking and sexual exploitation and say "ENOUGH" to everybody who has been apart of the crime, and help stop for our fellow human beings that are forced to be apart of this.  What will you do?

I have been learning so much this year, in every subject! In math all the grade.7's have done there FSA's, and we have also been learning about percents and graphs. In socials I'm learning about what intrests me so so so much... Human Rights! We are learning about the Human Rights what they are. We learned about the history and how they became what they are today. Ms.Findlay showed the whole class this website and it was really cool! Ive been ready so many great book that I can't stop! I have read Prisoner B-3087, The Raft, THE ELEVENTH PLAGUE, and so many more! 

The precept I picked for school is “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi. The reason why I choose this quote is because it means something to me. What it means to me that if you want something done you should do it yourself. You 
shouldn't wait for someone else to fix your problems or do something for you because you are to lazy to try. If you want to change something go out and try and do it yourself.  YOU! It only takes one person to make a difference in the world and it can start with anyone.  


I enjoyed listening to Ms. Findlay read the book Wonder because of Auggie and what he had overcometh as he would say. Auggie had great obstacles that he overcame because he was strong and tried his best, thought not many people at the begging liked him. Because of his physical appearance and his liking for Star Wars kids picked on him which was totally NOT cool.
  Something that I will take with me from reading Wonder is the people can’t control what they look and that gives absolutely no reason to judge anybody before you even know them. My favorite thing about this book is that there are so many things that I can relate to.
  Something that really hit close to home is when Auggies dog Daisy passed away. This really made me upset because it was like what happened with my cat. As Ms. Findlay was reading it I could tell that she was upset as well by the way she was reading the book so I tried not to pay much attention to what she was saying. Some kids were looking around the classroom to see if anybody was crying.
  I really could relate to what happened to Daisy and I know how much Auggie and his whole entire family felt when daisy passed. It just reminds you to cherish the moments you have with everybody that you love.


I only have two New Years resolutions so here they are...

1. I will think more positive about myself by not putting myself out. I will accomplish this goal by trying my best, and not giving myself a reason to think negative about myself by thinking twice before I say anything.  

2. I will make my printing neater. I will accomplish this goal by taking my time, and prof reading my work. 

This year for Christmas my favorite gift that I received was a MacBook Air. The reason why this is my favorite gift is because I have wanted a laptop for years, and this year I put one on my list and it’s one of those gifts that you ask for but you know that you aren’t getting it in a million years. I put it one my list and asked for 128GB and 13inches. Of course once my parents read my list they said that it wasn’t a very realistic gift, and that it cost too much money and bluh bluh bluh. But when we where opening are gifts my mom said that one really big gift was the last one to be opened. So when     I opened the box it was full of towels, then I unwrapped the towels there it was the box for a 128GB 13inches MacBook Air. It’s just like me to cry and that’s precisely what I did, and it sucked because I was being video tapped. I really appreciate the gift and I really cant believe that its all mine and only mine! I am very thankful to have such wonderful parents and family members. This is my favourite because it means so much to me that my parents can trust me to take good care of it.

On December.31, 2011 my Dad, Mom, Sister my dads office and me made sandwiches
for the needy in Vancouver. My whole family went to my Dads office and made a
couple hundreds sandwiches. We made tuna, ham, turkey, and chicken sandwiches in
my Dads tiny lunch room, it was really fun making all the sandwiches! We went
threw about one fifty loafs of bread. When we finished making the sandwiches we
stopped by Tim Horton’s and they supplied hot chocolate and donuts. We had also
bought with money donated caked water and fruit like apples and oranges. Then my
family and a couple other people drove out to downtown Vancouver where the needy
where and went to like this church place which supplied beds, meals, and warmth
to these people that we where helping. We set up a table with all are stuff on
it and then everybody created a line. Went the doors open there where lots of
people that where hungry and that appreciated the effort we put into making the
sandwiches and all are other food. But there where also ungrateful people who
moaned and didn’t want tuna which majority of what we had, and that didn’t feel
very good because I helped make lot's o those sandwiches and for someone to not
appreciate the work I put in really hurt me. After we finished there we still
had food left so we got to go to Pigeon Park. It was really cool because a
police man said that we could park in a no parking zone right in front of
Starbucks and everybody in their was staring at us. The people at pigeon park
where very thankful and that made me very happy. This experience that I had will
always be remembered by me. 

I had to write a journal on what I think my Christmas tree is saying and thinking. I really thought about it and here is what I think my Christmas tree thinks and feels...

“Hey my name is Jade, now I now what your thinking wow what a girly name but I can’t help it all Christmas trees are named a shade of green when you’re a seedling. All the older Christmas trees stare you down trying to find that perfect name which Jade just happens to be. I prefer to be looked at as tuff like I don’t care that I’ve been chopped down from my natural environment and I’m going to die in 4 weeks. It’s the gig of being a real Christmas tree we last for a month you start sheading and that’s it your gone. Its not like what you think plastic trees have a breeze of a job come up every year then out down when the seasons over. But hey it’s cool because I’ve loved the whole experience, it all started when they brought me home. They call them self’s dad, mom, sisters, dogs, and cat. They all dressed me up I’m shimmering bright lights, and round balls that glow in a certain light. Every night they would put presents underneath me. I felt as thought I was a brave warrior with a shield sounding the gifts for protection. Then on the 25 of December a slightly big man dressed in red white and black came and delivered two presents. It’s been magical but the best part is that I talked to both of those girls and they talked to me. We told magnificent stories about fairy tales and Christmas. Then the dad threw me out and that was it, I never ever saw them again.”

Today my teacher read wonder and it was the part about Summers point of view. Summer is Auggies friend and she treats him with kindness and respect unlike his other fellow classmates and peers. A connection I have with summer is that I don't judge people by there physical apperence like people at Auggies school, because if I did how would I expect people not do do it to me. All my friends don't judge me based on my physical apperences they judge me on my personality. It's what's on the inside that counts not the outside. An example of that is like if you get a new puppy but its not the breed you like, and you told your parents this and they said give it sone time.Eventually you would learn to love the dog for who it is. Another connection I have is that I've heard kids make fun of there friends and they don't even care! I don't get that why would you make fun of a friend??? There your friends for a reason right??? I think that it is absulutly brutel that kids treat Auggie this way just because they are stupid and not smart enought to get to know him!!!


    Hello, my fictional or character name is RainbowDash, Im in grade
    seven and I live in B.C.’s Lowermain Land. Some things that I like to do are
    seeing my best friends, and dancing! I look forword to doing projects in school
    because I love learning about new things. I love my family pets and friends, and
    my favorite colour is LIME GREEN! I like using technology at school because its
    a very fun way to learn. Thats a little about me!