Sleepever Time! 

This weekend I am having two sleepovers and going to the Cloverdale Rodeo! Yesterday night I had a sleepover with my best friend Juliette from div.4! We had so much fun eating chips and drinking pop! We played a game called Blot on my laptop and she was laughing when I got a C+, but it was hilarious when she got a F+! But within 5 minutes of coming in contact of a bed she was asleep! Awesome sleepover! 

Tonight I'm having a sleepover with Little Miss Sun Shine, and Courtney Cash! We are going to go in her hot tub and having a great time! I don't know what else we are doing but I will keep posting.

On Monday Im going to the Rodeo with Juliette and it is going to be so cool! I haven't goon to the rodeo in so long. Im looking forward to my weekend! 

Keep you updated 
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Girls night out;)


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