Today my teacher read wonder and it was the part about Summers point of view. Summer is Auggies friend and she treats him with kindness and respect unlike his other fellow classmates and peers. A connection I have with summer is that I don't judge people by there physical apperence like people at Auggies school, because if I did how would I expect people not do do it to me. All my friends don't judge me based on my physical apperences they judge me on my personality. It's what's on the inside that counts not the outside. An example of that is like if you get a new puppy but its not the breed you like, and you told your parents this and they said give it sone time.Eventually you would learn to love the dog for who it is. Another connection I have is that I've heard kids make fun of there friends and they don't even care! I don't get that why would you make fun of a friend??? There your friends for a reason right??? I think that it is absulutly brutel that kids treat Auggie this way just because they are stupid and not smart enought to get to know him!!!

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    Hello, my fictional or character name is RainbowDash, Im in grade
    seven and I live in B.C.’s Lowermain Land. Some things that I like to do are
    seeing my best friends, and dancing! I look forword to doing projects in school
    because I love learning about new things. I love my family pets and friends, and
    my favorite colour is LIME GREEN! I like using technology at school because its
    a very fun way to learn. Thats a little about me!