On December.31, 2011 my Dad, Mom, Sister my dads office and me made sandwiches
for the needy in Vancouver. My whole family went to my Dads office and made a
couple hundreds sandwiches. We made tuna, ham, turkey, and chicken sandwiches in
my Dads tiny lunch room, it was really fun making all the sandwiches! We went
threw about one fifty loafs of bread. When we finished making the sandwiches we
stopped by Tim Horton’s and they supplied hot chocolate and donuts. We had also
bought with money donated caked water and fruit like apples and oranges. Then my
family and a couple other people drove out to downtown Vancouver where the needy
where and went to like this church place which supplied beds, meals, and warmth
to these people that we where helping. We set up a table with all are stuff on
it and then everybody created a line. Went the doors open there where lots of
people that where hungry and that appreciated the effort we put into making the
sandwiches and all are other food. But there where also ungrateful people who
moaned and didn’t want tuna which majority of what we had, and that didn’t feel
very good because I helped make lot's o those sandwiches and for someone to not
appreciate the work I put in really hurt me. After we finished there we still
had food left so we got to go to Pigeon Park. It was really cool because a
police man said that we could park in a no parking zone right in front of
Starbucks and everybody in their was staring at us. The people at pigeon park
where very thankful and that made me very happy. This experience that I had will
always be remembered by me. 

Ms Findlay
1/9/2013 01:13:34 pm

What a special thing to do I am sure that the people in Pigeon Park were grateful. I also remember participating in a similar event when I was about your age. We should remember to do this more often.


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