Wow! My weekend was very busy but extremely fun! 

When I had a sleepover with Little Miss Sun Shine, and Courtney Cash we had a blast! That day they had just gotten MineCraft on there iPods and they were so addicted that that is what they did every spare moment that they had. We also played Little Big Planet for a while though. We went in the hot tub and reenacted some famous parts in the movie Titanic. It was so fun! 

Then on Sunday night I went on ANOTHER sleepover to Cookie Monsters house, and we watched the Billboard Music Awards. My favourite performance was Bruno Mars performing Treasure. 

When I went to the Cloverdale Rodeo with Juliette we went on so many rides! Like me I had a total blast going on every single on even if Juliette did not want to. But on of the best parts was the snow cone. Mmmmm the best one ever. Mine was flavoured Wild Cherry, Blue Raspberry, and Lime. However once mine melted I drank it and it hit the spot. 

I had the best weekend ever! I love all my friends so much! <3
11/25/2013 08:16:34

Little Big Planet! Is it big?Is it little?Is it even a planet?


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