This year for Christmas my favorite gift that I received was a MacBook Air. The reason why this is my favorite gift is because I have wanted a laptop for years, and this year I put one on my list and it’s one of those gifts that you ask for but you know that you aren’t getting it in a million years. I put it one my list and asked for 128GB and 13inches. Of course once my parents read my list they said that it wasn’t a very realistic gift, and that it cost too much money and bluh bluh bluh. But when we where opening are gifts my mom said that one really big gift was the last one to be opened. So when     I opened the box it was full of towels, then I unwrapped the towels there it was the box for a 128GB 13inches MacBook Air. It’s just like me to cry and that’s precisely what I did, and it sucked because I was being video tapped. I really appreciate the gift and I really cant believe that its all mine and only mine! I am very thankful to have such wonderful parents and family members. This is my favourite because it means so much to me that my parents can trust me to take good care of it.

Ms. Findlay
1/9/2013 01:05:31 pm

What a nice surprise especially that they wrapped it in towels to disguise the gift. I hope you take good care of it.

1/9/2013 11:29:57 pm

Don't worry Ms.Findlay I will take great care of it!

11/25/2013 08:14:31 am

LUCKY!Me tots jelly


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