I had to write a journal on what I think my Christmas tree is saying and thinking. I really thought about it and here is what I think my Christmas tree thinks and feels...

“Hey my name is Jade, now I now what your thinking wow what a girly name but I can’t help it all Christmas trees are named a shade of green when you’re a seedling. All the older Christmas trees stare you down trying to find that perfect name which Jade just happens to be. I prefer to be looked at as tuff like I don’t care that I’ve been chopped down from my natural environment and I’m going to die in 4 weeks. It’s the gig of being a real Christmas tree we last for a month you start sheading and that’s it your gone. Its not like what you think plastic trees have a breeze of a job come up every year then out down when the seasons over. But hey it’s cool because I’ve loved the whole experience, it all started when they brought me home. They call them self’s dad, mom, sisters, dogs, and cat. They all dressed me up I’m shimmering bright lights, and round balls that glow in a certain light. Every night they would put presents underneath me. I felt as thought I was a brave warrior with a shield sounding the gifts for protection. Then on the 25 of December a slightly big man dressed in red white and black came and delivered two presents. It’s been magical but the best part is that I talked to both of those girls and they talked to me. We told magnificent stories about fairy tales and Christmas. Then the dad threw me out and that was it, I never ever saw them again.”

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    Hello, my fictional or character name is RainbowDash, Im in grade
    seven and I live in B.C.’s Lowermain Land. Some things that I like to do are
    seeing my best friends, and dancing! I look forword to doing projects in school
    because I love learning about new things. I love my family pets and friends, and
    my favorite colour is LIME GREEN! I like using technology at school because its
    a very fun way to learn. Thats a little about me!