I have been learning so much this year, in every subject! In math all the grade.7's have done there FSA's, and we have also been learning about percents and graphs. In socials I'm learning about what intrests me so so so much... Human Rights! We are learning about the Human Rights what they are. We learned about the history and how they became what they are today. Ms.Findlay showed the whole class this website http://productsofslavery.org and it was really cool! Ive been ready so many great book that I can't stop! I have read Prisoner B-3087, The Raft, THE ELEVENTH PLAGUE, and so many more! 

The precept I picked for school is “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi. The reason why I choose this quote is because it means something to me. What it means to me that if you want something done you should do it yourself. You 
shouldn't wait for someone else to fix your problems or do something for you because you are to lazy to try. If you want to change something go out and try and do it yourself.  YOU! It only takes one person to make a difference in the world and it can start with anyone.  


I enjoyed listening to Ms. Findlay read the book Wonder because of Auggie and what he had overcometh as he would say. Auggie had great obstacles that he overcame because he was strong and tried his best, thought not many people at the begging liked him. Because of his physical appearance and his liking for Star Wars kids picked on him which was totally NOT cool.
  Something that I will take with me from reading Wonder is the people can’t control what they look and that gives absolutely no reason to judge anybody before you even know them. My favorite thing about this book is that there are so many things that I can relate to.
  Something that really hit close to home is when Auggies dog Daisy passed away. This really made me upset because it was like what happened with my cat. As Ms. Findlay was reading it I could tell that she was upset as well by the way she was reading the book so I tried not to pay much attention to what she was saying. Some kids were looking around the classroom to see if anybody was crying.
  I really could relate to what happened to Daisy and I know how much Auggie and his whole entire family felt when daisy passed. It just reminds you to cherish the moments you have with everybody that you love.


tinkerbell 44
2/22/2013 01:51:24 am

Hey Rainbowdash,
It's tinkerbell 44 I just wanted to say that I love your blog response and it had a lot of descriptive language and I liked how you had a lot of detail .You didn't really have anything that I didn't like about it I agree with you when you said that Auggie was being treated very nice and how he was being bullied and I really do agree with you How do you feel about Jullian I mean like he wasn't very nice to August right and that was all I have to say on your blog well see you next time! :)

little miss sunshine
2/22/2013 01:56:21 am

I agree with you when you say you can't control how you look and if somebody looks different, that gives you no right to make fun of them for they probably feel upset enough as it is.
Also if my dog Charlie died it would take a long time for me to regain myself. I get choked up just thinking what it would be like coming home from school everyday and not seeing him watching me through the window.
I agree with your post completely, just make sure you check your spelling and punctuation before you post next time!

2/23/2013 08:07:52 am

Thank you for the feedback tinker bell and litllemisssunshine! I will make sure to triple check my writing before I publish it live.


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