Today Tara talked with all the grade.6's, and 7's about human trafficking. This was not the first time that I have heard about human trafficking but it was definitely the first time I actually fully understand everything about it! When I first sat down I was unaware of what I could do to help. I was unaware of serious issues that need to be stopped in Canada, and everywhere else in the world. Hearing about human trafficking will forever change my perspective on how I answer a question like: "Are you looking forward to school?" and "If you could do one thing to change the world what would it be?"  Tara Teng is a 25-year-old woman who wants to make a difference in the world. Here is here website She first heard of human trafficking when she was a student my age! Ever since then she has been appalled at the fact that more then 27 million people are slaves in the whole entire world! That's almost all of Canada's population! Can you believe that all those people are slaves? Doesn't that make you want to just shout "ENOUGH"? How many innocent people is it going to take before we all can stop these monstrosities that are continuously going to get worse until people like you and me do something? I learned that human trafficking is different then child labour because in child labour you can still get paid and it could be your choice to work, however in the trafficking of humans, numerous men, woman, and even children are being abducted and sold for money like 4 dollars and less. Can you believe that a simple chicken at a store could be sold for more money then a human’s life or their childhood? Over all more kids then adults are abducted and trafficked because they are more vulnerable and more likely to cooperate and listen. The victims of human trafficking are used for forced labour and sexual exploitation. The worst of all is that sick, sick people pay their money to buy and use people. Sometimes only for one "use". Kids at young ages like 12-14 are taken away from there loved ones and used like an animal. They are raped and stripped naked just for the humor, and satisfaction of another fellow human being! Can you imagine that being your life? No way to ever stop? Not going to school, not seeing your family? This thought makes me sick! How could people be so inconsiderate of other people? Some kids are as young as 18 months old!!! What I can say is that I am a concerned citizen that wont stand for people all over the world people even in Canada to ever be apart of this sick thing. I am going to do what I can to help. After you read this I hope I have motivated you to learn more about human trafficking and sexual exploitation and say "ENOUGH" to everybody who has been apart of the crime, and help stop for our fellow human beings that are forced to be apart of this.  What will you do?

5/3/2013 01:51:44 am

I can see you took alot of time and effort into this post.

5/3/2013 02:28:05 am

Thank you Baseballpro! I like you post as well.


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