In grade seven math I am learning how to change fractions into
lowest terms and how to find a common denominator. I don’t find it that hard,
what I’m having a problem with is how to estimate adding fraction by drawing
fraction strips. I think I am doing well with fractions and estimating but I
don’t get estimating with fraction strips.
In science we are learning about
the five kingdoms which is fun to. In French we are learning about how to tell
time and pronounce it which is really fun. I’m reading a really good book
but it is also very sad which makes me upset. I don’t even have twenty pages
left, but I have no idea how it is going to end! You know when you are ready a
book and you can just predict what is going to happen? I can't. After this book
I am going to read one of the four books I ordered from scholastic, which I am
supper happy about.

11/22/2012 09:03:56

cool what is the scientific way to say zebra

11/22/2012 11:24:53

@denzel2301 mountain zebra:Equus zebra plain zebra: Equus quagga Grévy's zebra: E. grevyi


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    Hello, my fictional or character name is RainbowDash, Im in grade
    seven and I live in B.C.’s Lowermain Land. Some things that I like to do are
    seeing my best friends, and dancing! I look forword to doing projects in school
    because I love learning about new things. I love my family pets and friends, and
    my favorite colour is LIME GREEN! I like using technology at school because its
    a very fun way to learn. Thats a little about me!